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Goat Farming

Altai Mountain Goat: Profitable Farming

Are you interested in starting a profitable farming business from scratch? Have you ever considered introducing an Altai Mountain Goat to your farm? As...

Bee Farming

Sheep Farming

Greyface Dartmoor: The Rare Breed of Sheep

The Greyface Dartmoor sheep come from the region of Dartmoor in the United Kingdom. Its name is due to the region of its origin....

Pig Farming

Berkshire Pig: The Rare Breed in the UK

The Berkshire pig is an English breed product of the crossing of Chinese, Celtic and Neapolitan races whose result was a rough-looking animal with a...

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Dairy Farming

Afar Cattle: Farming Business – Full Guide

If you are looking to become a successful farmer and make money off of your livestock, you should consider investing in Afar Cattle. Originating...

Jersey Cattle: Origins and History

The Jersey cattle originate from the island of Jersey, located on the Channel. There is no assurance as to which where the original races...

Adamawa cattle: How To Make A Million In Six Months

Are you looking to make a million dollars in the next six months? If so, then Adamawa cattle farming is an incredibly lucrative business...

Cattle Breeds: Multiple Purposes Cattle Breeds

The following list of cattle breeds is a big list of breeds of cattle. More than 800 breeds of cattle are recognized worldwide. Some...

Cattle Diseases: Environmental Symptoms and Agent Induced

Cattle diseases are diseases that affect the individual in a general way. The state of health of the animals depends mainly on the conditions...

Rabbit Farming

Argente Clair Rabbit: Complete Farming Guide

Are you looking for the perfect rabbit to add to your farm? Look no further than the Argente Clair Rabbit! Regarded as one of...

Argente Blue Rabbit: Secret Successful Farm

If you find yourself wanting to own, breed and show off a classic rabbit variety with stylish rewards then look no further than the...

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Shetland Duck: Swedish Blue Ducks in Scotland

The Shetland duck originates from the Shetland island of Scotland, as its name indicates, on one of the ends of the United Kingdom. This breed...