Chicken Farming

Chickens are descendants of the red and grey junglefowl. The artificial selection created about 400 chicken breeds, each with unique characteristics including social interactions and family structure. For example, flocks still consist mainly of lead roosters who fight other males to be dominant hen’s mate while subordinate male chickens help protect them from predators along with hens and their chicks that they raise together in a nest on high branches or barn beams just as they do in nature.

Jersey Giant Chicken: The Best American Heritage Breed

Jersey giant chicken is an American breed from the state of New Jersey, hence its name. It was originally called Giant Black Jersey. The variety of black coats was created in 1880 for the production of meat. Among the races that have competed in their training, we remember Java, Brahama, Cocincina, Plymouth Rock and Langhan. The “giant jerseys” were bred from the Orpingtons, Javas, and Langshans crossings. Becoming the largest chicken developed …

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Minorca Chicken: Expert Care & Advice for Chickens

Minorca chicken is originally an egg-productive bird. As its origin in Spain, it is named after the island of Minorca and is also called Red-Faced Black Chicken. In Mediterranean poultry breeds, Minorca Chicken is considered the largest and heaviest breed. They prefer free-range areas. Minorca chicken lays very large white shelled eggs all year-round. They are good layers that they lay very large white shelled-egg all the year round but …

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Poultry Equipment: Complete Equipment Guide

Are you ready to start your Poultry Farming business? If so, then know that Poultry Equipment is essential for the success of any Poultry farm. Whether it’s feeders, waterers or antibiotics injections – there are many different items needed in order to keep your poultry healthy and well-fed. Poultry equipment like these can be purchased from a wide variety of stores, but if you’re looking for a one-stop shop where …

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Asil Chicken: Indian Game Chicken

Asil Chicken comes from India, where it represented the sporting bird of the Indian magnates, perhaps the oldest known fighting race. Asil is the true Indian denomination of all races of fighters of origin. The Aisles raised in Europe are the descendants of the old Indian race Rajah. Its name derives from the Arabic word Asil, which means pure, noble, purebred. It has been breeding in Europe since 1860. It …

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Newcastle Disease: Symptoms in Chickens

Newcastle disease continues to be a serious concern in the Latin American poultry industry. As a threat capable of exterminating groups of birds, unless the producers are alert in their control efforts. In its most benign form, Newcastle disease usually causes respiratory problems. What interferes with the performance of the group of birds and even some develop secondary bacterial infections. Although the mortality is not significant. The respiratory manifestations are …

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Orloff Chicken: Raising Russian Orloff Chicken

Orloff Chicken comes from the European part of Russia, emerged from the cross between the Malay Fighter and Russian bearded hens. The Russian Orloff is the only distinctly Russian breed of chicken to be found in America. Though this breed has been forgotten by most Americans, it was imported from Persia originally and was promoted heavily by Count Alexey Grigoryevich Orlov (1737-1808). The name ‘Orloff’ comes from a famous horse …

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