Burford Brown Chicken: Farm in North Carolina

For decades, the Burford Brown chicken has been a staple of British farming, celebrated by farmers and locals alike for their delicious dark brown eggs. But did you know that these iconic chickens now call North Carolina home as well? This is the story of how urban and rural farming in NC took on the Burford Brown chicken–– and won! We’ll take a look at where this breed came from, what makes them unique in America’s agricultural landscape, and more importantly – why you should be adding these delightful birds to your chicken coop!

History & Origin

The Burford Brown chicken is one of the oldest breeds still in existence today and has a long, rich history that dates back centuries. Its origins are said to come from the British Isles and it is believed to have been around since the 18th century. The breed quickly became popular among poultry keepers due to its wonderful ability to lay large and delicious dark brown eggs with bright yellow yolks. To this day, the Burford Brown remains a classic favorite amongst many and continues to entertain poultry owners with its wealth of unique characteristics. There’s simply no denying that this classic chicken has certainly stood the test of time.


The Burford Brown Chicken has long been known as the classic British hen, beloved by many for its fabulous eggs. The eggs of this legendary bird are renowned for their deep, dark brown color and noticeably large yellow yolks. Not only do they look gorgeous on a plate, but the rich flavor of Burford Brown Eggs is unsurpassable. Whether you’re baking cakes or making omelettes, these hen’s eggs are always sure to add a little something special.


The Burford Brown chicken is an iconic breed that’s beloved throughout Britain for its notoriously delicious dark brown eggs. One key to ensuring the satisfaction of these poultry favorites is proper feeding. To ensure the glossy feathers of Burford Brown chicken, it is essential to provide them with nutritious food that contains a mixture of grains and other animal proteins such as mealworms or maggots. A varied diet rich in quality feed ensures a bountiful supply of egg goodness and cheerful clucking from your backyard birds.


The Burford Brown Chicken has been a mainstay of British households for many generations, used not only for egg production but also to tenderize meat dishes and enrich stocks. With its large, deep brown eggs with bright yellow yolks, it is no surprise that this trusty breed of poultry remains a favourite among chicken-keepers across the country. Whether kept in a country garden, urban backyard or industrial farm, the Burford Brown chicken continues to be a reliable source of nutrition, offering not just culinary delights but a wholesome connection to generations past.

Special Feature

The Burford Brown Chicken has dominated the poultry farming industry for many years due to its many special features. Not only does it lay the most fabulous dark brown eggs with large yellow yolks, but it is also extremely hardy and reliable, making it an ideal choice for farmers from all backgrounds. Since they are known to be fairly docile, they are easier to keep and care for than other breeds of chicken. This adaptability makes them perfect for those looking to invest in backyard poultry. Their stunning array of colors and their wonderful eggs make sure that everyone who takes the time to take care of them will certainly reap the rewards over time.

Farming Practices

The Burford Brown chicken has been a staple in British farms for centuries. Thanks to its hearty Nature and deep brown egg colouring, this breed of fowl has become deeply embedded in British culture. But what are the special farming practices that make the production of these iconic eggs possible? To start, farmers must keep the birds in comfortable and healthy spaces, protecting them from predators and providing balanced meals with minerals. Diet is especially key for this breed, as it determines the quality of their eggs. Also, providing a steady pattern of meal delivery during their 16-hour day cycle helps to ensure every hen lays at least three or four eggs per week per hen. Finally, giving each hen its nest ensures that all eggs are collected separately and maintain their high nutritional content. Thus, by employing these well-planned and knowledgeable practices, farms can successfully raise Burford Brown chickens who will lay eggs cherished nationwide.

The Benefits of Keeping

Keeping a flock of Burford Brown Chickens can provide not only hours of entertainment but also many other benefits. These chickens are renowned for the large, dark-brown eggs that they lay. Not only do the eggs have an attractive exterior, but within them lies a rich and delectable yellow yolk. The friendly nature of these birds ensures that anyone with an interest in poultry will find it easy to bond with their feathered friends. Furthermore, being one of Britain’s most popular types of chicken means that resources are readily available for those wanting to take care of their flock – making learning about this breed and discovering its many unique qualities a joy!

How to Identify a Healthy

A Burford Brown chicken hen is a well-known and sought-after breed of chicken that is renowned for producing exceptional eggs. The dark brown shells produce large yellow yolks, which are a good indication of quality and health. To identify a healthy, quality egg laid by a Burford Brown chicken, it is important to look for certain features – the shell should be strong, with a bright and glossy colour, indicative of its robustness. The yolk should also appear vibrant and deep yellow; this indicates its healthiness in terms of protein content and vitamin range. Additionally, there shouldn’t be crack markings on the shells either to ensure that the egg has been handled with care. Ensuring all these factors are met will guarantee that you have found a healthy, quality egg laid by a Burford Brown hen.

Where to Find Burford Brown Chicken Eggs in North Carolina

If you are on the hunt for Burford Brown chicken eggs in North Carolina, look no further! These delightful dark-brown eggs, known for their large yellow yolks, come from Britain’s favourite hen. For decades the Burford Brown chicken has delighted both British and American consumers, so if you live in North Carolina and you’re looking to add them to your diet, you won’t have to search for long. The Burford Brown Chicken is readily available and sure to be a delicious addition to your pantry!


What is special about Burford brown eggs?

Burford brown chicken eggs are one of the most popular egg varieties available on the market today. This type of egg has long been renowned for its exceptional flavor, superior nutrition, and attractive appearance. The deep chocolate-brown color of these eggs sets them apart from other egg types and makes them particularly appealing to consumers.

Is Burford Brown a breed of chicken?

Yes, Burford Brown is indeed a breed of chicken. It is an old English variety that dates back to the early 19th century. Generally speaking, these chickens are characterized by their large size and deep reddish-brown coloration in both hens and roosters alike.

What chickens lay Burford brown eggs?

Burford brown eggs are laid by a breed of chicken called the Buff Orpington. The Buff Orpington, also known as the Gold Spangled Orpington, is an attractive and popular breed of poultry which was developed in England in the late 1800s by William Cook. It is a dual-purpose utility bird that produces both meat and eggs. It’s mainly kept for ornamental purposes thanks to its beautiful golden plumage, but it is still renowned amongst those who keep chickens for producing large brown eggs which they lay consistently throughout their productive years (up to six years).


The Burford Brown is a delightful breed of chicken with a fascinating history, with its roots tracing back to the aristocracy of England. Its recognizable attributes, such as the deep brown eggshells and yellow yolks, are what make it stand out from other hens. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Burford Brown is also incredibly versatile in terms of usage – from being just a great source of eggs and meat to providing joyful companionship. As long as chickens are fed proper nutrition, receive enough exercise opportunities, and are kept safe from dangers like predators or foxes, keeping a flock of this breed can be very rewarding for bird owners. There is no doubt that these birds can provide myriad benefits apart from their magnificent nutritive eggs! So if you live in North Carolina and have an interest in trying out something different, the Burford Brown Egg may be just what you’re looking for.

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