Ameraucana Chicken-Hybrid Type of Breed


American Chicken This is the work of the selection of some American breeders who liked some of the characteristics of the Araucana breed.

But they wanted to eliminate some defects due to the low fertility in breeding the lack of a tail.

ameraucana chicken

The Ameraucana hen, about 1925 was taken to the United States. Where they crossed it to obtain a more productive hen, putting the eggs with a greenish tone and of greater size.

Ameraucanas were recognized as a separate and distinct race in the 1980s.This species has the gene for the laying of blue eggs. All of these mongrel chickens were called “Easter Eggers,” as a general categorization as “terrier” or “retriever”

The Ameraucana has a bearded muff, which means they have a fun feather neck around the chin.

This gives them the appearance of wearing a coat with a very thick and smooth neck. In contrast, Ameraucana cocks were bred first to conform to a proposed standard. Then achieved standard recognition through normal qualification processes.

Characteristics of Ameraucana chicken:

Ameraucana Chicken not only this beautiful bird can put several colored eggs. But it also has many varieties to choose from in the plumage.

There are eight officially recognized colors that are black, wheat blue, brown-red, buff, silver, wheat, gray.

These same eight specific color patterns are recognized in both large birds and cocks. In the E.E.U.U. their eggs are known as Easter eggs.

The Ameraucana race, on the other hand, has a sports tail and sleeves and beard on the facial area. The weight of this breed for the roosters is 3.25 kg and the hens is 2.25 kg.

The Ameraucanas hens are very similar to the Araucanian. The properties of the egg of this hen are the same as the Araucanas, same color, blue-green.

The biggest difference is that it has a tail and has no feather earrings at the ear canal outlet. Features that make it very different from the Araucana.

Some defects of this race are the Carving too large, angular and coarse figure.

As well as another type of crest to the indicated one; mane on the neck; too developed tail vertebra; eggs of another color of the shell.

The color of the legs, on the other hand, is generally light blue. Except for black specimens, they usually have the darkest legs.

The American female begins to lay eggs at the age of 6 months. The cock instead, reaches maturity after approximately 4-5 months.

Of course, it is necessary to ensure that the chickens have warm food. And eat enough and have access to an area where they can be outdoors. This will ensure a good egg production.


Ameraucana Chicken enjoys eating bread in small crumbs with crushed oyster shells.

As well as foods high in energy, and contain enough calcium, as this breed is considered to be an egg producer.


Ameraucana Chicken is grown mainly by its egg production. However, although it is not one of the most recognized breeds or high egg production, they are highly prized.

They produce eggs with a hard shell and the most creamy yolk and more golden color. It was precisely the characteristic color of the eggs that led him to take an interest in this product and make the decision to start a farm.

Special Characteristics:

Cocks of the Ameraucana Chicken breed can be a bit aggressive, in order to keep them separate from their hens unless they are breeding, and then for a short period of time.

They do not play well with other roosters. Sometimes there is no presence of cannibalism in this breed, but that does not mean that it is not possible.

This cannibalism mainly is produced by stress, can be provoked by different causes like a deficiency in the feeding. It also can present for not having enough pointers, or that in the pointers are not comfortable.

Putting fat salt in the drinker 1 or 2 grains of salt, for 2 or 3 days, the fat salt that makes them is that relaxes them and thus they are getting rid of the craze of stinging between them.

Try to throw the chickens some product over the chopped area so they can not have any type of infection if the bare area is bleeding.

This breed is not as popular as other breeds of chickens, perhaps because they do not lay eggs in large quantities.

The race is, however, very popular with people. At the end of the summer, the days are shorter, and the hens begin to change the feathers, this process allows them to renew the plumage.

When removing the old feathers and also to improve the reproductive tract giving place to a greater putting and to have ovules of superior quality for the next putting.

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