Sheep Farming

Sheep farming has been happening since the Middle Ages, but people have been raising them for thousands of years before that time. There are many different breeds of sheep, and they can be found around the world from Africa to North America, Australia to Europe.

Raising Sheep: An Easy and Rewarding Hobby

Raising sheep is a fun and rewarding hobby for people who live on small farms or in rural homes with available pasture space. They are docile, gentle animals that serve many purposes such as providing meat, wool and even milk to their owners. For some families, they even become virtual pets! Raising sheep has undoubted advantages in relation to other domestic species in important productive aspects. They are animals of …

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Columbia Sheep: First Breed in the United States

The Columbia sheep is an American breed and the first breed that was created in the United States. This breed was developed in early 1910 and was created with the crossing of the species Lincoln and Rambouillet. The reason for the creation of this breed was to obtain a species that produced a high amount of wool and good quality meat. Another reason to create this race was to obtain …

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Texel Sheep: Origin and Spread

The Texel sheep breed originated on the island of Texel, the largest of the Frisian Islands on the north coast of Holland, at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. It is used for milk production in northern Europe and due to its excellent characteristics, it has spread throughout Europe, mainly in France. The American continent does not escape this propagation, both in the …

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Cheviot Sheep: White-faced Species

The Cheviot sheep is a native breed of Scotland, a great producer of meat and wool, very adaptable and head devoid of wool. The Cheviot sheep originally from the Cheviot Mountains of Scotland is a beautiful animal. It has spread widely in Canada, Falkland Islands, Russia, Kenya, South Africa and New Zealand. This whitish and semi-fine wool can be dyed very well and prepared against moisture. This race was recognized …

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Southdown Sheep: Smallest British Breed

The Southdown Sheep is a medium-hair, dark-skin, antlerless breed originally from the Sussex Hills. It is the oldest of all the British breeds of sheep, with an ideal body conformation for the production of meat. Its wool is narrow and is one of the best of all British breeds. The Southdown is popular in many parts of the world, especially in the Commonwealth and the United States. It takes its …

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Shetland Sheep: A Tiny, Wool-Producing Breed

Shetland sheep’s roots go back more than a thousand years. Shetland sheep are a strong and resistant primitive breed that was brought to the Shetland Islands by the Vikings more than 1,000 years ago. This breed is found within the short-tailed sheep group of northern Europe, which also includes Finn, Icelandic sheep, and Romanov. The Shetland is a primitive race, without improvements noted for its natural rusticity. It also has …

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