Sheep Farming

Sheep farming has been happening since the Middle Ages, but people have been raising them for thousands of years before that time. There are many different breeds of sheep, and they can be found around the world from Africa to North America, Australia to Europe.

Sheep feed

Sheep feed is important for sheep farming. It is necessary to know the state of the production cycle in which any particular group of sheep is found at all times, in order to be able to separate and handle them correctly. Regardless of the production system that the producer (weaning early or once a year), the key to maximizing yields is to feed for production, to know what stage of …

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Sheep Breeds

Sheep breeds are differentiated from others. Sheep are very small and adaptable ruminant mammals. Its nutritional requirements are minimal and easily filled in low-tech pastures. Most farms and farms are in small quantities and due to their efficiency in food conversion and the excellent quality of their products are increasingly used for purely productive purposes. The ewes mainly supply meat, milk, and wool, but also supply man with other products …

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Diseases of Sheep

Diseases of sheep are a very important matter for sheep farming. A disease can occur in animals due to poor herd management, inadequate feeding, and a hostile environment. The disease can be caused by parasites, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. A general symptomatology of a sick animal is anorexia, sadness, bristling and rough hair, loss of milk production and weight loss. Diseases of Sheep: Pneumonia: It is a disease of the …

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