Red Wattle Pigs – The Origin of Red Wattle Pigs

The Red Wattle pigs are from New Caledonia, which is a French island in the South Pacific of Australia. This breed was exported to New Orleans in the final years of 1700 by the French.

The race has a certain interest in the 1980s for the reputation of a lean channel.

It was sold for a very high price and many people raise them. This, unfortunately, did not last long. The meat is still good, and it is a docile pig. The name of this breed comes from the color of its coat and the wattle that is formed.

Characteristics of Red Wattle Pigs:

The Red Wattle pigs is a large breed. The male of this breed weighs up to 340 Kg. While the females of this breed are smaller compared to the male and weigh up to 240 Kg.

The maximum that has come to measure this species is 120 centimeters in height and 240 centimeters in length.

Red Wattle Pigs

The Red Wattle pigs has never been very popular, for years people wanted pigs for their pork bacon, of which the Red Wattle had very little. You may also like to read Pietrain pig

They are easy to work with as in calving. The Red Wattle breed is one of the pigs call tassels and resembles a Duroc or perhaps a Tamworth.

But with a pair of wattles that hang on either side of the neck, however, this excess of hanging skin has no specific function. It is a very fertile breed, each litter is made up of 10 and 15 young.

In general, females of this breed are considered good mothers, and females are excellent milk producers.

Quality that fits perfectly with the size of the litter. In addition, this breed has a good feed conversion, and they grow very fast.

The coat of this race is reddish, although the color of the fur is in several shades of red. The coat can also be brown, although specimens with black spots are also accepted. Although there are also specimens that have all the black coat.

The body of this pig, when seen in profile, you see a curvature, and this is because the hind legs are higher than the front legs.

And the head of this species is thin, and it is lower compared to the back. While the ears are of medium size and are direct forward and with some curvature down. You may also like to read Ningxiang pig

It is a race that is highly rustic. In addition, this breed tends to grow very fast.


The Red Wattle pigs is a race with a single purpose. This breed is used mainly for the production of meat since it is soft and juicy meat. The breed has a type of lean meat of excellent flavor, and very tender.


The Red Wattle pigs is a breed that does not require as much care on the part of the farmers or such a large investment on the part of the farmers.

In general, this breed is fed through intense grazing. Acquiring all the nutrients of the grass, and of the vegetables that are development near the habitat where this breed is raised.

Special Characteristics:

The Red Wattle pigs were a stable breed. But they have at least three different records in the United States and it is also registered in the Canadian registry.

It is not clear which of these records is of the original race, or if the populations have nothing in common except for the genes that were included independently of other characteristics.

The Red Wattle pig is a success story in the United States. After being forgotten for livestock production, different groups of farmers began to breed and increased their population.

Because of this, the conservation organization is developing a program in which it helps coordinate with the farmers.

In this way to find rare and rare breeds that can save, to raise them for consumption. In addition, this race enjoys good health and can resist diseases. The resistance of this race also extends to adapt perfectly to different climates.

This breed is usually produced on a small scale, on farms.

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