Duck Farming

Duck farming is similar to poultry, but there are some key differences. One of the most notable things between duck and chicken farms is that ducks have different habitat needs than chickens do.

Indian Runner Duck: A Large American Duck

The Indian runner duck is also known by the name of Indian runner or penguin ducks. It is a bird native to Southeast Asia (India and Malaysia) and later selected in the United States and mainly in the United Kingdom by Mr. J. Donald, in order to further improve its conditions for laying eggs. They were brought to the United Kingdom in 1850 by a captain of the English Merchant …

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Laying Ducks: How to Care for Laying Ducks

Caring for laying ducks may seem like a simple task, but they do not require more care than the simpler birds, such as chickens. Ducks have access to water at all times to prevent sensitive feet from drying out, and laying duck requires a diet rich in minerals for proper shell development. With a little bit of hard work, ducks will be safe, healthy and producing eggs in a matter …

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List of Duck Breeds

Domestic ducks are ducks that are raised for meat, eggs and down. Duck is a popular dish in many countries of the world with France being one of the largest consumers of duck meat worldwide. Duck is often served roasted or in dishes such as Duck à l’orange. There are hundreds of different breeds of domestic duck but they can be classified into three main types: mallard, Muscovy Duck and …

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Duck Diseases: What You Need To Know

We will know about duck diseases because in duck farming you may need to know also about duck diseases. Ducks are like any other species of other poultry and are also prone to diseases and infections. When raising ducks, precautionary measures should be taken to avoid getting diseases. If they are already infected, prevent them from spreading further. Since ducks live in close proximity to each other, the latter is …

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Duck House: The Best Guide of Duck Farming

Duck house is the most important part of duck farming. Nowadays having a duck at home is something that has become increasingly fashionable in many homes. It’s a really nice pet actually. We love how it looks when it walks and we like the sound it performs. Ducks are beautiful birds that usually live in groups, regardless of whether they are wild or domesticated. Unlike many other animals, they are …

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Duck Feed: Tips for Feeding Ducks

Duck feed is the most important factor of duck farming. First and foremost, remember that ducks are waterfowl. In their natural environment, they feed on algae, insects, fish, plants, seeds and some pebbles or grit (we will explain later why). In parks and lakes frequented by humans, it is common to see that they are fed with practically anything (cookies, masses or leftovers from the picnic basket). This is not …

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