Chicken Farming

Chickens are descendants of the red and grey junglefowl. The artificial selection created about 400 chicken breeds, each with unique characteristics including social interactions and family structure. For example, flocks still consist mainly of lead roosters who fight other males to be dominant hen’s mate while subordinate male chickens help protect them from predators along with hens and their chicks that they raise together in a nest on high branches or barn beams just as they do in nature.

Ancona Chicken: A Breed of the Marches

The breed Ancona chicken is originally from central Italy. In the nineteenth century, these beautiful white speckled black hens were exported from the Marks in England. From there spread to many countries specially selected for their aesthetic characteristics, while They were now abandoned due to being replaced by hybrid batteries On industrial farms after the war in Italy. As a result, is that today it is easily found in the …

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Kuroiler Chicken: A Hybrid Chicken Breed

The Kuroiler chicken was born in India. The scientists made the export of this species because of its resistant characteristics, to countries with scarce resources. Kuroiler chicken was transported to Uganda for production. Where the villagers took advantage and raised this strong species. The result was that the Kuroiler chickens stood out among the native chickens of Uganda. Keggfarms development this breed, which is a company in India, and the …

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Brahma Chicken: America’s First Meat Breed

Brahma Chicken is the heaviest in the heavy races category. This breed originated in India (Brahma-Pootra Basin), and then expanded to the United States and later the United Kingdom and Europe. The Brahma breed has been appreciated from the outset for the exquisite taste of its flesh, and for the generous size of the egg, they produce. In addition, this race has a high resistance during the winter months. In …

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Silkie Chicken: The Most Unusual Chicken

The Silkie Chicken originated in China or Southeast Asia. One of the first references to the Silkie appears in the writings of Marco Polo in the XVIII century, upon his return from China. He wrote about all the wonders he saw there. One of the wonders he mentions is this kind of chicken. Marco Polo in his writings speaks of a hairy hen. It is called something like the “silk …

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