Pig Farming

In recent years, pig farming has increased in popularity. In the United States alone, the production of pigs has risen by more than 5% each year since 1990. However, with this rise in production, there is an increase in environmental and health concerns as well.

Essex Pig: A Neapolitan Breed

The Essex pig is of the type of the small black pigs improved in England. it has been imported in many countries where it is appreciated to him by its fecundity, is the product of the Neapolitan race, to which it resembles much, by the improvement of this one Breed gained a great reputation among the other breeders. This race is perhaps the oldest of all present and even when …

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Berkshire Pig: The Rare Breed in the UK

The Berkshire pig is an English breed product of the crossing of Chinese, Celtic and Neapolitan races whose result was a rough-looking animal with a very developed anterior third, short and shallow members. The color varies from brown to reddish-brown with black males. Later it improved and acquired its present appearance. The Berkshire pig is a breed highly prized by farmers as one of its characteristics in the willingness to fatten …

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Pig Farming – Complete Pig farming Guide

Pig farming is very profitable farming nowadays. Pig farming is now popular in the united states. A clean farm avoids the presence of diseases and increases production. During the Productive Cycle of Pig Farming: The daily collection of feces. Disinfection of the sheds at least 3 times a week, using a pump with disinfectant, to lower the bacterial load. Flame installations and equipment if possible. Disinfect according to the disinfectant …

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