A parasite is an organism that lives on or in another organism and benefits from the host’s resources. Parasitic organisms can be obligate parasites, which depend on a host to survive; facultative parasites, which can live independently but may choose to parasitize a host when it suits them; or ectoparasites, which live externally on their hosts.

Mite: Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment

The mite is a habitual inhabitant in any address and accumulates especially in rooms like dormitories. Bed mattresses are their ideal shelter. Tend to grow in numbers in times of high temperatures and places with high humidity levels. Mites have been responsible for household dust allergy since the late 1960s. The mite is one of the most common allergies causes today. Symptoms of mite allergy include a runny nose, discharge, …

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Tapeworm: Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment

Tapeworm is a flatworm, which inhabits the small intestine of humans. It tends to measure normally between 3 and 4 meters long. Although as it grows it can reach 25 meters in length. The truth is that although they can be unpleasant, the reality is that in most cases do not usually cause serious problems. In fact, although it is not a very frequent infection, when it occurs it is …

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