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The kunekne pig is a country breed brought to New Zealand during the 19th century from Asia.

The Kunekune pig breed has become its current form in New Zealand, although the breed is of Asian origin, as indicated by DNA analysis.

For most of the period the pigs have been in New Zealand and are maintained almost exclusively by the communities in the region.

And they were largely unknown to Europeans.  It is believed that they were introduced very early in the European period, probably by hunters or traders, in the early 1800s.


The Kunekune pig is a medium-size breed. Reaching to measure when this adult between the 55 centimeters to 80 centimeters high.

kunekune pig

While the weight in adulthood is between 60 and 200 kilos of weight. They are usually woolly animals of cream, golden, white, beige, ginger, black and blue colors.

Usually, it has two tassel-shaped appendages that hang below its chin and a body covered in skins.

Its head and face are wide and sunken and the muzzle size is medium to short. The ears are straight and lie forward. His body figure is round with short and straight legs.

Individual variations include long hair, short hair, curly hair, flat nose, a straight nose, drooping ears and prick ears.

As far as the reproduction of the pigs it is possible to affirm that the sows are good mothers and diligently take care of their piglets.

A male pig, known as a boar, reaches maturity at two years of age. The females of this breed are apt to give birth at one year of age. You may also read Czech Improved White Pig

The females of this species go into heat every 20 days if they do not get pregnant during that time. A pregnancy of this breed lasts 120 days.

And its average litter size is approximately 14 piglets per sow. Although the average litter is usually between 7 to 9 piglets.


The KuneKune pig is eating anything and everything they can. However, a balanced diet is important for the good health of the pig.

And your food should be carefully monitored to make sure you do not overeat. The best diet for a Kunekune pig is a commercially made meal that was designed for pork.

They can also have small pieces of fruit and vegetables as workouts. Farmers must feed this breed with a high-quality diet before breeding.

The female pig will also continue to need a high-quality diet during pregnancy and lactation. This breed requires that it be fed with foods that have low concentrations of fat.


The kunekune pig is a double purpose breed. Since in some countries it is used for the production of meat because it has a large size and produces good quantities of meat.

Although in other countries this breed serves as a pet. You may also read Finnish Landrace Pig

Special Characteristics:

Now Kunekune pig is a breed that is widespread throughout New Zealand.

With an active society and support for early 2000, it was estimated that there were some 5,000 animals in the country, both registered and unregistered.

The Kunekunes pig has also been exported to the United Kingdom, the United States, and also to the European continent.

Although they can also be found in some farms located in southern Australia. Kune Kune pigs are breed in New Zealand for meat, but in North America and Europe, they are raised as pets.

The pigs of this breed are quite large, being one of the largest pet pigs available. This race really enjoys the company of human beings, a characteristic that makes it favorable for it to be raised as a pet.

In general, farmers keep the female and male of this race in separate places until they are suitable for reproduction.

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