Crocodile Farming in Pakistan: Proceed with caution when farming crocodiles!

Crocodile farming in Pakistan is done as long as it guarantees the protection and conservation of the species. Due to the indiscriminate house, and the production of crocodile skins without any regulation threatened the species considerably. There are few species that inhabit Pakistan, in addition, that the increase in the population of people has significantly affected the habitat of crocodiles. Today, measures have been taken, and as a result, the …

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Duclair duck

History: The Duclair duck is original of Normandy France, its name is the one of a city of this region. It has been in the French region for two hundred years. Their ancestors are the ducks of the region; Its standard was established on 11 November 1923. However, in several European countries, there are similar breeds that are known under different names such as the Belgian duck of Termonde, Swedish …

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Call Duck

History: The Call duck was imported to Holland from Asia. Since the year 1800, this breed was used ornamentally, and the hunters used it as bait. This breed is descended directly from the wild duck, unlike the Call duck, this has the smaller body. This breed was unknown in the United Kingdom in the year 1900 until in 1970. It began to gain popularity as it was one of the …

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East Indies Duck

History: Although the East Indies Duck name seems to indicate that this race was developed to Southeast Asia, the origin of the race east indies duck is of United States. East Indies Duck was imported to England in century XIX and soon spread to all Europe. Although, this breed despite being from the United States, it has been argued that they are called east Indies duck to market it and generate …

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Khaki Campbell Duck

History: The Khaki Campbell duck was created in Gloucestershire (England) shortly before the year 1900 by Adelle Campbell, from multiple crosses, using for it among other races. The Indian Runner duck (for its high rise), Rouen and Mallard (which gives it its resistance and good taste to its meat), apart from the blood of common ducks. Although Adelle Campbell, never revealed the exact genetics, of the creation of this race …

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Swedish Blue Duck

History: These magnificent Swedish Blue Duck have a striking appearance, with their fantastic black head, white bib, and a beautiful clear blue body. It will stand out beautifully in any garden. This breed was developed in an area called Pomerania, in 1835 a number of farmers set out to breed. This breed, which at that time was part of the Kingdom of Sweden but now extends to Northeast Germany and …

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