Daring Duck: A Red Meat with a High Iron Content

Duck meat is a red meat with a high iron content, rich in vitamin B and with amounts of the protein similar to chicken and turkey meat.

In the farms of the production of duck the races most used are the Muscovy and Beijing. The Pekin duck is the breed of meat-producing ducks most commonly used and is well-known for its great versatility and adaptation to adverse effects.

Male and female ducks are raised but are usually separated as they have different age of sacrifice. The goal is to achieve a weight of 3.4-3.8 kg in the males and 2.6-3.2 kg in females, sacrificing at 7 weeks of life for their commercialization. These ducks produce a lot and of very good quality of the meat.

The best duck meat products sold are ducks complete with Legs and head, selected wings, legs, duck breast and foie grass.

Foie Grass:

Foie grass literally means “greasy liver” and consists of the swollen liver of Male ducks that are force fed with large amounts of food until their livers grow much larger than normal size (up to 10 times the size of a normal liver).

For this, between two or three times each day, you get them metal tubes through the throat to introduce more than a kilo of grains and fat to pressure until it reaches the stomach. The tubes cause wounds in the esophagus and throat causing death or suffering that does not stop until they die.

Some countries such as Germany, Austria, England, Italy, the Netherlands, and Denmark have banned these practices.

As far as the farms whose objective is the production of foie or pate from the liver. The productions are imported from France. He’s going to sacrifice the duck after 15 days of life and weighing about 5.5 kg obtaining a liver of about 600 grams. It is very difficult to sell this due to having a very oiled channel. Usually chopped and prepared the products separately (magret, duck ham, thighs).

On the contrary, it is at the mercy of diseases, so you must rely on a provider. In most cases, no information is received from these macro farms. For what is important always use the same supplier, otherwise complementary pathologies different from the different farms.

As for the consumption of foie grass or pate, we must be careful not to take it in large quantities because of its considerable content of saturated fat. Foie Gras is fatter and produces more cholesterol than pâté. But these two products also have their advantages over nutrition. They are high in vitamin A, vitamin B12, D and E liver. And also supply phosphorus, iron and other minerals.

Duck Meat Production:

Although consumed in many parts of the world. It is true that in our country the duck meat tends to be a very little product used in gastronomy. Your meat comes mainly from the breast and from the animal’s own legs. Although the latter tends to be somewhat fatter than the breast itself and a little darker in appearance. If we eat the skin, the truth is that we are facing one of the birds more caloric.

If we eat the skin, the truth is that we are facing one of the birds more caloric. Because mainly it accumulates the great amount of fat.Like most lean meats (also known as White meat), the fact is that the duck provides a large amount of protein good quality.

The races of ducks most used in the production of meat are the following: duck Beijing, which is a rather fatty duck; Dumb duck that has a more fat meat; and finally the Campbell Duck which is harder to find. In some countries, the majority of the meat of duck that exists for sale in the large areas comes from ducks Mullard, to which the liver was previously extracted for the production of foie grass.

Pekin Duck:

It originated in China and improved in the US and Europe, is the best known of duck breeds worldwide and is the best par excellence in terms of ducks for consumption. It has many advantages over other similar breeds, highlighting its high adaptability to different climates.

Its resistance to diseases and adverse environments, and finally, its admirable speed of increase. Its upbringing is very simple and economic, which gives us an interesting short-term profitability. Another important advantage is that the incubation of fertile eggs is shorter than in other breeds, with a period of 25-26 being normal days.

Its plumage is very abundant and totally white. The color of the beak is yellow-orange, his eyes blue leaden and his quills and fingers a reddish orange. In additional, Its meat is ideal for barbecue because its meat has a good amount of grease. The estimated weights of this type of ducks are:

  • Adult duck: 4.080 kg
  • Young duck: 3,620 kg
  • Adult leg: 3, 620kg
  • Young foot: 3,170kg

In this race of ducks, we have numerous variants, such as Pekin duck, German and American Duck Pekin.


In general, in some countries, they do not have the breeding or hatching stage on duck farms. One-day ducks usually come from France from the duck breeding industries, this is some things that allow areas with the all-in-all-out system.

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