Causes of Fainting in Goats

Often we know different curious species, animals with behaviors, diseases or deviations that, strange as they seem they are still true. In this case, they are the “faded Tennessee or myotonic” goats. Goats that are frightened and faint.

Goats are known as “faded Tennessee or myotonic” are those who have a congenital condition (known as myotonia or myotonic dystrophy) that, at the slightest sign of danger, their muscles contract and lose stability, so they fall Fainting.

The artificial work of the man selecting more muscular goats that contributed a greater presence of meat has provoked the birth of this unique species. As a result of their genetic condition, these goats are more muscular and, therefore, more coveted by the farmers. This complexion caused the goats to suffer an anomaly in their locomotion because each time they are altered or placed at risk.

They remain paralyzed and fall to the ground with stiff limbs. Sometimes a noise or someone who comes running to them to roll stiff because of the floors. But only a few minutes later they get up and return to normal.

causes of fainting in goats, goat farming, farming,The so-called Tennessee goats or ‘wooden leg goats’ share problem and virtue. They collapse when they feel threatened for a moment with muscular paralysis. This affair, whether we like it or not, is quite comical and watching it in action is probably one of those things where the Internet improves your life. But let us ask ourselves. Why does this happen to us? How have these poor goats survived? Should I feel bad if they make me laugh?

The first answer is to get serious: DNA and everything that entails a genetic mutation. The paralysis of these animals is the result. In broad strokes, of those substances that in a situation of risk we naturally produce to be alert. In the case of these goats, and because of that genetic peculiarity, that substance is retained in the joints and muscles blocking the animal completely. If you still want to see the people that this situation gives rise to. You must know that myotonic goats do not suffer pain when they enter this phase of preapocalyptic collapse. Nor do they lose consciousness at any time, in addition to recovering completely in about ten seconds at most.

The existence of this type of animal seems to contradict Darwin’s maxim that establishes the “survival of the fittest” as they would be easy prey for predators. All this leads us to think that if it were not for a fence around the place of grazing, this breed of goats would have a difficult survival.

To the second of the questions, about survival. You have to be something more Machiavellian and take it with humor. The peculiar myotonic goats are covered in the farmer world thanks, among other skills, to their vocation as a martyr. Because the harsh reality is that if a wolf attacks a flock of sheep, there is nothing better for the owner than a goat who faints and gives the opportunity to flee to the rest. Thus, a boat soon sounds bad, but the truth is that it is better to martyr than the flock. But that is not his only advantage – economically speaking. Breeders also prefer them for their muscle mass, proven superior to their counterparts.

Tennessee goats are so famous and loved that they even have a festival where they are the undisputed stars. In fact, they are one of the favorite species at crosses for reproductive purposes. They are intelligent, simple to care for and very affectionate – anything a goat can be, I suppose. So if you’ve also sketched a smile with them, do not feel guilty, they too would.

Today they are raised because they are a smaller breed and easier to care. This breed maintains easier than other larger breeds. This also for sale as a pet, as it is a fairly friendly animal and intelligent too.

Although such a situation makes us laugh, born with an established behavior in DNA that being an animal puts you in danger of predators ceases to be so funny. These animals are very sensitive and affectionate, and farmers take this as an advantage. Since some goat faints if it is in the presence of the danger, while the others flee. Although if they were human the people will see it as a sacrifice, but this sacrifice they realize it involuntarily. In the networks, there are thousands of Videos. Everyone laughs to see how they are petrified, but looking at the background and see that your muscles are contracting and endanger your life. Definitely, something that no one as a human would like to have in their DNA.

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