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krskopolje pig

Krskopolje pig – Native to Slovenia

The Krskopolje pig is a breed that is native to Slovenia, and today you can still find that breed in that country.
thuoc nhieu pig

Thuoc Nhieu Pig – Uses of Nhieu Pig

The Thuoc Nhieu pig is a breed whose origin is from Vietnam. This breed was created in the early ’30s with the crossing of...
swallow belied mangalitza pig

Swallow Bellied Mangalitsa Pig – Race from Serbia

The swallow bellied mangalitsa pig is a breed that has its origin in Hungary. This race had its origin since they crossed 3 races,...
vietnamese potbelly pig

Vietnamese Potbelly pig- A Race form Vietnam

The Vietnamese Potbelly pig is a race that originated in the 60s. As its name implies, this breed is from Vietnam. Although this breed was imported...
wuzhishan pig

Wuzhishan pig-The Origin of Wuzhishan pig

The Wuzhishan pig is a breed that has its origin in China, specifically in the province of Hainan. In the province where this breed is...
welsh pig

Welsh pig – The largest breed of Britain

The Welsh pig is the third largest breed of swine in Britain. The number of individuals of this race increased to more than 1.300 in...

Tibetan pig- Food and Characteristics of Tibetan pig

The Tibetan pig as its name indicates is a race that comes from Tibet. It is a breed that can be found in different areas...
turopolje pig

Turopolje Pig – Breed and Characteristics of Turopolje Pig

The Turopolje Pig is a race of Croatian origin, even the name of this species is associated with its place of origin. The place that...
swedish landrace pig

Swedish Landrace Pig – Origin and Breed of Landrace pig

The Swedish Landrace pig is the main pig breed in Sweden, a country not known for a large number of pigs. The origin of this...
saddleback pig

Saddleback pig-The Race of Saddleback pig.

The Saddleback pig is a race that originated from the merger of the races of Essex and Wessex, in England. The Wessex Saddleback came from...

Swordtails – Profile of Freshwater Fish

The swordtails are a very popular freshwater fish. This popularity is due to its ease of care and peaceful nature.

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