A black English Magpie Pigeon: a unique kind of bird

Have you ever seen a beautiful black bird with some white patches on its wings and tail? If so, then you have likely come across the stunning English Magpie pigeon – a breed of domesticated pigeon that is truly unique. This incredible breed has been around for centuries and was originally used in European households as racing pigeons before becoming popular among wildlife enthusiasts everywhere. Here, we will discuss all the things that make this bird special and why they should be respected so highly. Let’s dive right into learning more about the amazing black English Magpie pigeon!

History & Origin

A black English Magpie pigeon has a rich and diverse history to its name, reaching back centuries across multiple cultures and countries. Originating in England, they were believed to have descended from ancient crows and are now bred as a result of careful selection processes that have created their stunning black plumage with highlights of white on the wings and tail. They have remained popular over the past few centuries due to their unique and beautiful look, as well as their intelligence, making them highly energetic and close companions for those lucky enough to own one.

Characteristics of A black English Magpie Pigeon

A black English Magpie pigeon is an eye-catching breed of domesticated pigeon, with a sleek black body and dramatic white patches on both its wings and tail feathers. It is an incredibly hardy bird, able to survive in a wide range of climates – from cold winter nights to hot summer days – without becoming distressed. Its strong feet and beak make it ideal for harvesting fruit from trees or rooting out small insects from the soil, making this bird a valuable asset to any backyard flock. Whether your goal is for show or for production, the black English Magpie pigeon is an exceptional and unique breed that deserves attention.


A black English Magpie pigeon eats a variety of foods that help maintain its beautiful plumage and energy levels. A healthy mix of grain, fruit, and vegetables is necessary to provide the bird with proper nutrition. A breed this unique requires extra attention to its diet in order to remain healthy. Whatever food is provided should be fresh; however, owners can easily purchase high-quality feeds from their local pet store or order one online if needed. With a well-rounded and balanced diet, these exquisite birds will surely live a long and happy life!


A black English Magpie pigeon is an extraordinary bird that has been bred by humans for centuries. While these birds are often kept as pets, they were originally prized for their ability to excel in shorter-distance homing competitions. This purposeful usage and selection of pigeons over the years has resulted in this remarkable breed with its distinctive black plumage adorned with white patches on its wings and tail feathers. A truly lovely sight to behold!

Special Feature

A black English Magpie pigeon is an incredibly special breed of domesticated pigeon with striking plumage. A cool feature about this beautiful bird is its wings, which have small white patches in contrast to the sleek black feathers that form most of the wings. The tail too has some small elaborately arranged white patches, adding to its majestic beauty. A sight to behold, this bird is certainly one of nature’s great works of art.

Patches on its wings and tail

A black English Magpie pigeon is a majestic sight to behold, especially with its striking black plumage and distinct white patches on the wings and tail. This beautiful bird exudes strength and regality as it stands proudly with its bold coloration. A unique characteristic of this breed is that while it looks like they would have black feathers all over, the areas around their wings and tail are highlighted by white patches! These remarkable birds will make an impact at first sight!

Discuss why it is important to preserve.

A black English Magpie pigeon is an incredibly unique and beautiful bird that has captivated the attention of many. It is important to preserve this species, as it is threatened by habitat destruction, pollution, and other human activities. We can help preserve this species through various means. For example, we can protect the natural habitat environments of these birds by limiting our consumption of resources that are derived from their habitats. We can also reduce pollution, conserve water, and limit our carbon emissions to create a safer and healthier environment for all animals – including a black English Magpie pigeon! Lastly, we should spread awareness about the importance of conservation and provide financial aid for research initiatives towards conserving this species. Through collective efforts and a unified front, we can create a safer environment for all animals – especially the majestic black English Magpie pigeon!


Is a magpie a pigeon?

No, a magpie is not a pigeon. While there are several similarities between the two birds, they belong to different families and have distinct characteristics. The first main difference between a Magpie and a Pigeon is their size. Magpies are typically much larger than pigeons with an average length of 43 cm in comparison to that of Pigeons at approximately 30 cm long. Furthermore, the majority of Magpies tend to maintain larger wings that span up to 2 feet while most species of Pigeons hover around 8-12 inches only.

Can a magpie breed with a pigeon?

The short answer is no, a magpie cannot breed with a pigeon. This is because Magpies and Pigeons belong to different families of birds. While both are part of the order Passeriformes (or songbirds), magpies belong to the family Corvidae and pigeons belong to the Columbidae family. They also have major differences in their anatomy, habitats, diets, and behaviors which further contribute towards them being unable to reproduce together.

What is the price of English magpie pigeons in India?

The price of English Magpie pigeons in India depends on a variety of factors. Generally, the price for one bird can range from anywhere around Rs 400-500 to over Rs 2000 depending on the condition and quality of the bird. Further, since this is an international breed highly sought after by pigeon fanciers, prices may also vary based on demand and availability at any given point in time. If you are looking to purchase more than one bird then that could mean discounts too!


A black English Magpie pigeon is a truly one-of-a-kind sight, especially when set against the backdrop of more common domesticated pigeons. This unique breed is highly distinguished by its stunning and remarkable black plumage along with small patches of white that adorn their wings and tail. A black English Magpie pigeon is simply in a class all its own, making it a truly unforgettable creature to behold.

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